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Latest News:

A NEW Michael & Jello CD is on the way! Michael Anderson and musicians are currently in the studio recording new songs for the CD scheduled for release in Spring 2005. This exciting new project will include original songs as well as old favourites redone in new ways (including hip hop and guitar rock styles). More information and audio samples are coming soon so check back again!

It's in the can! Two new Michael & Jello music videos are ready for their big (or little) screen debut. The first video is for the song Bananas Unite from the "I Wish My Nose was a Chocolate Bar" CD. It features children of different ages acting out the actions to the energetic song including chopping, eating and (most fun) going bananas. The second music video is for the song 5 Little Monkeys from the "Monkey See Monkey Do" CD. This video features the five little girl monkeys jumping on a bed with a visual numeric countdown to encourage young audiences to count (and sing) along. Both videos were tons of fun to make and have received enthusiastic thumbs up from audiences both young and adult. We will post stills and clips from these videos soon!

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Michael & Jello CDs have hit the stores and are garnering critical praise. Here's a selection of what music critics are saying:

CD: I Wish My Nose Was a Chocolate Bar
Date: December 2000
Publication: Toronto City Parent Magazine
REVIEW: "His <Michael Anderson's> repertoire of tunes is extensive and his skill in performing them, finely tuned. I Wish My Nose was a Chocolate Bar is an exquisite example of what can be achieved by someone who sincerely loves both children and music"

CD: Monkey See Monkey Do
Date: January 2003
Publication: Toronto City Parent Magazine
REVIEW: " Michael and guest musicians perform with originality and particular attention to rhythm. The songs are infused with sounds from around the world. ...Consider supporting this talented local artist."

CD: Monkey See Monkey Do
Date: March 2004
Publication: Disney's Family Fun Magazine
REVIEW: "This music educator and dad of two, along with his winsome and highly percussive band, Jello, manages to transform familiar tunes with reggae, calypso and other exuberant rhythms. The result? An irresistible pack of action songs with directions for play along activities."


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